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Why Star Trek does nostalgia better than Star Wars

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The rivalry between “star” franchises is one of the strangest things in pop culture. compared to star trek And star wars There really isn’t anything that makes that much sense, as they are completely different from each other. Of course, they are both works that fall under the guise of the science fiction genre and both are set in a technologically advanced era belonging to our own (either in the future or a long time ago), but, other than that, the only thing that What they have in common is that they are both, well, awesome. It’s like asking someone to choose between the Beatles and the Stones – you can have a personal preference and that’s fair, but you can dig both. Don’t just ask what show each band is on, because that would be brutal.

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Oddly, though, they’re both venturing into the same territory in their recent shows: nostalgia. It seems to be the key word to the pop culture landscape in years past, it was the constant longing for love and time (almost as if they were definitely better that we live in now). This is a trend in quantum physics seen from far, far away, galaxies in the subatomic regions where superheroes venture. It’s common to feel the need to go back in time, and both “stars” are trying to make their own new universes out of it. TravelHowever, working much better than wars,

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star wars what appears to be a successful season of Obi-Wan Kenobic and is currently gearing up to return to the streaming screen internal management andwhereas star trek An acclaimed season of your new show is coming up, strange new world, Both of his recent shows are, of course, a strange coincidence, about the adventures of a former main character, Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, before the events of his main character.Ewan Mcgregor) and Captain Christopher Pike (anson mount) We start with both of them already knowing how their overall story ends (with events) Star Wars: A New Hope And Star Trek: The Original Series) but they are completely different in how they approach the nostalgia that is inherently inherent in their stories.

star trek Has been on a series of good shows in recent times led by writers and producers Akiva Goldsman And Alex Kurtzman, The new CBS-produced universe on Paramount+ currently consists of four series, each set in a different era of the franchise’s chronology: Search, PicardAnimation lower deck And, of course, newcomers strange new world, There are smaller shows too, but these are flagships. And, even though they are four series set in the same universe, their viewing experience is very rarely boring. The reason for this is simple: clever in-series writing and a well-established set of franchise core themes.

Although Travel shows share the same universe and make so many references to each other, they rarely depend on each other. Each of them tells their own story to their end, using their own tools to do so – which is important, because each era star trek has its own characteristics. This happens, first of all, because of the generally episodic structure of the show. Picard breaks that mold, telling a more linear story centered on Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) instead of keeping Next GenerationStorytelling is a weeklong adventure, but its seasons tell stories that begin and end in their own right. As in the other three series, they have major journeys each season that gear toward and end the game, but the weekly stories are what make them fun.

This only happens because of the basic premise star trek Suffrage: To seek new life, new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before. If you insist on bringing the story to the same old planets and the same old characters, well, you’re not going anywhere boldly. The main characters, then, become the very values ​​and themes fueling the franchise: the use of logic and science to solve problems, and the triumph of the human spirit through collaboration. What is this star trek Everything is, and even its non-episodic show weaves those values ​​through its narratives. They are not things that heroes find along the way, quite the contrary. Heroes are heroes because they aspire to uphold such values ​​as best they can. Ultimately, the stories told are not about the characters themselves, but about those core values, thus creating an optimistic view of our world that has become a trademark of the franchise. Search Perhaps the best example of this trait, which relies heavily on nostalgia original series With its second season on and working so well that, finally, Enterprise Corps got its own spin-off show, strange new world,

Now, leaving Federation space and Starfleet right and heading to a galaxy far, far away, we find another franchise in a very different situation. star wars Arguably the biggest juggler in pop culture, a dominant force in every field in which he decides to play, but it’s currently mired in a never-ending cycle of self-feeding nostalgia — and not in a good way. just like star trek, it also has a set of main themes (the hero’s journey, generational conflict, political regime, etc.), but it originated in film, not television. This, in itself, suggests that a different method of storytelling needs to be employed, one more character-driven. And that’s okay, different stories demand different storytelling tools.

star wars The universe is vast and can expand in any direction. There are many planets, organizations, institutions and what not, each with its own rules and, usually, specific star wars The story talks about a conflict between them (hence the “war” in the title). Unfortunately, though, recent shows have torn apart the franchise’s core premises in order to satisfy the most nostalgic part of the fantasy.

Of course, it’s great to know that Luke Skywalker (mark hamley) and Ahsoka Tano (rosario dawson), and the recent duel between Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) and cad ban (Corey Burton) was really climatic and emotional. But for those moments to happen, there are so many things that test the audience’s beliefs about how that universe works, making it hard to believe that they were actually the best way to unfold the story.

In Obi-Wan KenobicThe idea of ​​Ben Kenobi going through a crisis of faith is a good one, but how much did the dynamic of his duty on Tatooine have to change to get him out of Tatooine to face Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen, It’s actually respecting the rules of the Star Wars universe that, for example, makes kenobi The novels, by John Jackson Miller, show the great and hard to swallow Disney+ pill. The franchise is being driven in a way that seems to focus on fulfilling classic characters because of how cool it will be, not how it will serve that particular universe or story. It’s no longer about hope or generational conflicts, it’s about Obi-Wan calling his meme catchphrases and “rhymes” with movies.

Nostalgia is something that is very difficult to avoid these days. Even the origin stories are mostly about how we felt at a specific time in the past. Working it out in the franchise sector is imperative in a way, people feel safe knowing that the current entertainment landscape pays respects more than ever before. Maintaining a specific way of storytelling within a shared universe is certainly not harmful, on the contrary. we expect star wars shows a certain way, as it happens star trek, very. but when there is nostalgia very point Regarding the story being told, is it really worth telling? Aren’t those universes and the big names behind them better than that?

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