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Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 – Spanish Series To Return With A Second Season – Entrendz Showbizz

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks is a Spanish crime drama series that was originally called Entrevias. It dropped on Netflix last Wednesday. David Bermejo created the series. It follows Tirso Abantos, an army veteran, and his granddaughter Irene. They become involved with Sandro, a drug dealer, due to the bizarre turn of events. Fans are eagerly awaiting Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2. Is it possible? Let’s see!

Is the Show Still On?

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On May 20, 2022, the entire first season premiered on Netflix in the United States. We have exciting news for fans regarding the possibility of the second season. Telecinco has approved the second installment of the Spanish series.

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After the end of the first season, which ended on March 22, 2022, the renewal was announced quickly. Netflix has yet to announce the next season, but it’s only a matter time. The return date of the second season has not been confirmed. We assume that if everything goes according to plan, the second season could be available as soon as the first quarter 2023.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 – What’s Next

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Amanda and Ezequiel teamed up after the conclusion of the first season in order to find out more about the mysterious Phantom. Amanda offered full immunity to Ezequiel in exchange for his joining Sandro’s spy crew. Sandro was skeptical that Ezequiel had been a spy and tried to kill him. However, Sandro was stopped by Nate and Nelson before he could achieve his goal. Sandro’s henchman wanted Tirso. But Gladys came along to protect Tirso. Gladys was stabbed and taken to the hospital.

The story will continue in the second season. This season will focus on Tirso’s personal life after Irene has died and Santi has taken control of the hardware shop. Amanda, on the other hand will be investigating a series rapes as Tirso tries to find out who assaulted Irene. They could still see each other even though Irene & Nelson split in the first season. We might see them reunite again.

Who will be featured in the second season?

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 - Spanish Series To Return With A Second Season

Jose Coronado plays the role of Tirso Absantos and Nona Sobo is Irene. Felipe Londono plays Nelson. Also, the show stars Laura Ramos playing Gladys and Manolo Caro as Sanchis. Manuel Tallafe plays Pepe. Itziar Atienza plays Amanda, Maria de Nati portrays Nata, and Miguel Angel Jimenez is Santi.

Luis Zahera plays Ezequiel, and Maria Molins is Jimena. Wrong Side Season 2 will likely see the return of most of the main cast. The second season could bring in some new faces.

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