Eva Mendes Calls Ryan Gosling Her ‘Husband’, Seemingly Confirming They’re Married

Fans have been wondering for quite some time why Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling never married 

After dating since 2011 and welcoming two kids together… but their queries may have been for naught!  

The stunning actress appeared to confirm that the couple had indeed wedded at some point over the last decade .

When she called Ryan her ‘husband’ during a Nov. 18 interview with Australia’s Today show. 

The superstars are known as a notoriously private couple, and any insight into their personal lives is a rare treat 

Such was the case in the apparent admission of their nuptials.  

Added with the fact that Eve dished on her and Ryan’s parenting styles hours earlier, it was quite a day for their stans. 

Eva opened up to DailyMail, saying she and Ryan are on the same page when it comes to raising their two adorable daughters 

Eva insisted, however, that Esmerelda and Amada don’t always get their way, but the parents are happy to capitulate if the kids “make a good point.”