Marvel opens up about Tom Cruise’s Iron Man in Doctor Strange 2: ‘There’s no cut footage…’ 

Marvel Studios is known for keeping its plot secrets safe till the film’s release. And its latest Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was no different. 

With the opening up of multiverse and its adverse impact on the MCU timeline being at the centre of things, much was expected to unfold in the superhero movie 

ne such expectation was the Superior Iron Man and the rumoured appearance of actor Tom Cruise playing the part. 

Now, that the Benedict Cumberbatch-Elizabeth Olsen starrer is out, we have our doubts cleared.

Much like Spider-Man: No Way Home, that opened doors for the three iterations of the web-slinging superhero (Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland) 

A blurry and low resolution image doing rounds on social media apparently showed Cruise in a motion-capture suit.  

Prior to the release, there were high hopes from Superior Iron Man too. That’s because of the appearance of a mysterious character in the film’s trailers 

But, now that we know it was Lashana Lynch as Captain Marvel, and not Tom’s Iron Man