‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: Film Review

Taika Waititi revitalized the MCU’s Thor Odinson strand in 2017 with Thor: Ragnarok by leaning into the irreverent comedy 

in Thor: Love and Thunder, Waititi pushes the wisecracking to tiresome extremes, snuffing out any excitement, mythic grandeur or sense of danger 

that the God of Thunder’s latest round of rote challenges might hope to generate.  

Chris Hemsworth continues to give great musclebound himbo, but the stakes never acquire much urgency in a movie 

The Marvel faithful will likely groove to the mischievous spirit that is Waititi’s trademark, 

Thor’s home New Asgard has been turned into an amusement park and cruise destination offering Viking boat rides 

So we might as well be at Disneyland. 

In a movie whose main aim is fun, Gorr is a gloomy drag who made me miss the shamelessly over the top witchery of Cate Blanchett’s Hela in Ragnarok

The Mighty Thor back, fighting stage 4 cancer but postponing the inevitable the Viking way, by wielding Mjollnir, the thunder god’s hammer. 

The Mighty Thor and acquits herself well in battle, even if she struggles to come up with a worthy catchphrase. 

Sure, fans will be delighted to see Chris Pratt and the Guardians of the Galaxy crew turn up in an early battle 

You can watch the teaser here